Corso Fondamentale della Mixologia per Bar a Milano

Corso Fondamentale della Mixologia per Bar a Milano

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Luglio 1, 2024

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09:00 BST

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Course Description

Begin your journey into the captivating world of cocktails with The Molecular Bar Academy’s Basic Bar Mixology Course. This entry-level program lays the groundwork for aspiring mixologists to understand the essentials of cocktail creation, from classic recipes to fundamental techniques. Blend tradition with a hint of molecular innovation to kickstart your bartending career.

Program Overview

Duration: 1 Week
Experience Level: Beginner
Course Objective: To equip students with the foundational skills and knowledge required to craft classic cocktails and to introduce them to basic elements of bar mixology.

Syllabus Outline

Module 1Introduction to Mixology

• Session 1: Introduction to the Art of Mixology: History and Evolution
• Session 2: Bar Setup and Equipment Essentials
• Glassware: Choosing the Right Vessel for Each Drink

Module 2Understanding Spirits and Ingredients

• Session 3: Spirits: Categories, Distillation, and Flavor Profiles
• Session 4: Liqueurs, Bitters, and the Building Blocks of Cocktails

Module 3Cocktail Construction

• Session 5: The Science of Measuring: Techniques for Precision and Consistency
• Session 6: Classic Cocktail Recipes: The Art of Balancing Flavors

Module 4Mixing Techniques

• Session 7: Stirring and Shaking: When and Why
• Session 8: Muddling and Layering: Extracting Flavors and Creating Visual Appeal

Module 5Garnishes and Presentation

• Session 9: The Final Touch: Garnishing Techniques
• Session 10: A Glimpse into Molecular Mixology

Module 6Marketing and Brand Building

• Innovative Marketing in the Digital Age
• Crafting a Unique Brand Story

Module 7Excellence in Customer Service

• The Art of Memorable Customer Experiences
• Managing and Utilizing Customer Feedback

Module 8Event and Promotion Management

• Designing and Marketing Bar Events
• Understanding and Maximizing Peak Times

Module 9: Technology in Bar Management

• Understand Bar Software Management Systems

Module 10: Menu Design and Molecular Integration

• How to Design a Bar Menu Based on Venue Types
• Benefits of integrating Molecular Bar techniques

Course Assessments:
• Weekly Practice: Students will recreate a classic cocktail to understand the nuances of mixology.
• Mid-Course Exam: A practical assessment on basic techniques and recipe execution.
• Final Project: Students will be tasked with creating a simple original cocktail using a fundamental molecular technique learned in the course.

Learning Outcomes

Students completing the course will:
• Acquire a comprehensive overview of spirits and cocktail history.
• Learn essential cocktail recipes and techniques.


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  • Luglio 1, 2024 09:00 BST   -   Luglio 6, 2024 19:00 BST
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