Strategic Bar Management and Innovation course in Senigallia

Strategic Bar Management and Innovation course in Senigallia

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June 10, 2024

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09:00 BST

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Course Description

Elevate your potential with The Molecular Bar Academy’s Strategic Bar Management and Innovation Course, meticulously crafted to refine your managerial skill set within the evolving landscape of modern bar environments. This immersive program not only emphasizes traditional management techniques but also integrates pioneering practices such as molecular mixology, providing a robust, forward-thinking approach to bar leadership.

Program Overview

Duration: 1 Week
Experience Level: Suitable for current and aspiring bar managers
Course Objective: To develop proficient bar managers who can innovatively and efficiently oversee a dynamic bar setting while embracing new mixology trends.

Syllabus Outline

Module 1: Bar Management Fundamentals

• Understanding the Role of a Bar Manager
• Setting Objectives and Vision for Your Bar

Module 2: Developing a Cohesive Team

• Recruitment Strategies & Staff Development
• Fostering a Positive Work Culture

Module 3: Mastering Inventory Management

• Streamlining Inventory Systems
• Vendor Relationship and Negotiation Tactics

Module 4: Financial Acumen

• Breaking Down P&L Statements
• Crafting Profit-Optimization Strategies

Module 5: Navigating Licenses and Legalities

• Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management
• Navigating Legal Constraints Creatively

Module 6: Marketing and Brand Building

• Innovative Marketing in the Digital Age
• Crafting a Unique Brand Story

Module 7: Excellence in Customer Service

• The Art of Memorable Customer Experiences
• Managing and Utilizing Customer Feedback

Module 8: Event and Promotion Management

• Designing and Marketing Bar Events
• Understanding and Maximizing Peak Times

Module 9: Technology in Bar Management

• POS Systems and the Latest Tech Trends
• Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making

Module 10: Menu Design and Molecular Integration

• Conceptualizing a Signature Bar Menu
• Infusing Molecular Mixology into Your Offerings

Module 11: Operations and Workflow Optimization

• Perfecting Bar Layout for Operational Efficiency
• Implementing Effective Standard Operating Procedures

Module 12: Leadership and Personal Development

• Building Personal Leadership Brand
• Strategies for Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Final AssessmentStrategic Management Project

• Create a comprehensive bar management plan incorporating elements from the course, focusing on introducing a molecular mixolog

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  • Senigallia
  • Senigallia
  • Italy

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  • June 10, 2024 09:00 BST   -   June 15, 2024 19:00 BST
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