Advanced Molecular Bar Mixology Course

One week – € 1.950

Course Description

This course delves into the innovative world of molecular mixology, where science meets artistry to create unique and captivating cocktails. Students will explore advanced techniques, ingredients, and equipment used in modern mixology, preparing them to push the boundaries of traditional bartending.

Program Overview

Duration: 1 Week
Experience Level: Professional Mixologist
Course Objective:
• Understand and apply molecular gastronomy principles to cocktail creation.
• Master advanced techniques such as spherification, gelification, and smoking.
• Utilize specialized equipment including rotary evaporators and sous vide machines.
• Experiment with a variety of ingredients to create innovative and visually stunning cocktails.
• Develop the skills necessary to craft both alcoholic and non-alcoholic molecular cocktails.

Syllabus Outline

Week 1: Introduction to Molecular Mixology

• Overview of molecular gastronomy principles
• Introduction to equipment and ingredients

Week 2: Spherification Techniques

• Basic spherification
• Reverse spherification
• Frozen reverse spherification

Week 3: Smoking and Infusion Techniques

• Smoking techniques for cocktails
• Sous vide infusions
• Liquid nitrogen and dry ice uses in the bar

Week 4: Gelification and Foams

• Gelification methods and applications
• Creating foams and air foams
• Thickening agents for cocktail enhancement

Week 5: Fizzing and Carbonation

• Techniques for adding carbonation to cocktails
• Fizzing agents and applications

Week 6: Aging and Fermentation

• Aging cocktails for enhanced flavor profiles
• Introduction to fermentation in cocktail making

Week 7: Non-Alcoholic and Psychedelic Cocktails

• Crafting molecular cocktails without alcohol
• Exploring legal psychedelic ingredients and extracts

Week 8: Advanced Garnishes and Presentation

• Techniques for creating intricate fruit garnishes
• Crystal ice technique and principles
• Powdering and other decorative techniques

Week 9: Cordials, Bitters, and Syrups

• Crafting homemade cordials, bitters, and syrups
• Incorporating homemade ingredients into cocktails

Week 10: Final Project

• Students will showcase their skills by creating and presenting their own original molecular cocktails, utilizing techniques learned throughout the course.

Course Assessments:
• Participation in class discussions and activities
• Completion of weekly assignments and projects
• Final project presentation and cocktail tasting


• Basic course level or knowledge of bartending and cocktail making is required.

Note: This syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.